Up There

maj 3, 2010

En kort dokumentar om den udøende race af reklamemalere, der maler reklamerne
direkte på bygningerne frem for at få det trykt på vinyl og hængt op.

LINK: http://uptherefilm.com/


Standard Chartered Bank

april 30, 2010

En reklame for Standard Chartered Bank lavet af Stefan Sagmeister, i vanlig stil.

You’d never guess it, but these big toys for big boys were at the height of their design during the 1970s – by sheer chance. Mechanics and team members – not designers or marketing strategists – adorned racecars with all of those flashy stripes, logos, numbers and colors prevalent at any Formula 1 race today. After compiling more than 100 examples of sleek cars from this glory age, Go Faster-author Sven Völker takes us for a joy ride at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart for a whip-fast lesson in competitive war paint, visual anarchy and piggish car designs.



Adobe Photoshop Cook

marts 24, 2010

The Future of Publishing

marts 17, 2010

Designer Steven Heller traces the evolution of the tiny symbols for each Olympic sport since their appearance in 1936.

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