GAP logo contest

oktober 10, 2010

By now you have seen the new Gap logo. By now you have sent a “this is terrible” rant to all your designer friends. By now Gap is probably about to pull a Tropicana….

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You’d never guess it, but these big toys for big boys were at the height of their design during the 1970s – by sheer chance. Mechanics and team members – not designers or marketing strategists – adorned racecars with all of those flashy stripes, logos, numbers and colors prevalent at any Formula 1 race today. After compiling more than 100 examples of sleek cars from this glory age, Go Faster-author Sven Völker takes us for a joy ride at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart for a whip-fast lesson in competitive war paint, visual anarchy and piggish car designs.


Vintage logotypes

april 14, 2010

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London 2012 Pictograms

april 12, 2010


Folketingets nye parti hedder Fokus

Come on…både navn og logo er en joke!