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marts 2, 2010

Color in design is very subjective. What evokes one reaction in one person may evoke a very different reaction in somone else. Sometimes this is due to personal preference, and other times due to cultural background. Color theory is a science in itself. Studying how colors affect different people, either individually or as a group, is something some people build their careers on. And there’s a lot to it. Something as simple as changing the exact hue or saturation of a color can evoke a completely different feeling. Cultural differences mean that something that’s happy and uplifting in one country can be depressing in another.

Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color
Color Theory For Designers, Part 2: Understanding Concepts And Terminology
Color Theory for Designer, Part 3: Creating Your Own Color Palettes


Matthias Heiderich

januar 18, 2010


oktober 26, 2009

World Press Photo 2009

oktober 22, 2009

Forslag til endnu et fælles event for klassen…

World Press Photo 09 i Pressen, Politikens Hus på Rådhuspladsen

2. oktober – 1. november 2009

Man, tirs – samt fre, lør, søn: 13-18. Ons og tors: 13-21

Links til gode fotografer

oktober 6, 2009

Vil folk ikke poste links til fede fotografer?
Her er et par bud :-)